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A Single Bottle of The World's Best All-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Handles Just About Every Cleaning Mess You Can Think Of--From the Greasiest Shop Floor "Crud" to the Nastiest Mildewed Bathroom and Worst Pet Stained Carpets--Yet it's Delicate Enough to Make Even Fine Gold or Silver Jewelry Sparkle Like New

Are you spending a small fortune on a bunch of different cleaning products each year, putting in hours of knuckle-busting work, and still not getting the kind of results you want on your biggest cleaning jobs?

I'm talking about really tough and nasty messes like…

  • Burnt on blackened oven and grill grease
  • "Impossible" to remove red wine, blood, tomato sauce or grass stains on your favorite shirt or carpeting
  • Smelly pet odors and stains on upholstery, rugs, and clothing
  • Ground in grease, oil, and grime on the concrete shop and garage floors
  • Hard water stains and decades-old rust marks in your sink, tub or toilet
  • Ink, Toner and permanent marker stains on your clothing and office equipment
  • Sun-baked insect stains on your boat, RV, car, or truck
  • Ugly algae scum mucking up your boat's once-upon-a-time showroom clean gel coat hull
  • Dull, dingy, and scuff marked wood, tile, and linoleum floors

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