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 Major Shine

Major Shine polish is the very latest product from Vertex Industries, Inc. We've designed it with one purpose in mind---to make your life just a little bit easier.

What is it? Quite simply the fastest and most effortless way for you to shine and polish almost any metal, plastic and fiberglass surface.

It adds a long lasting shine and luster that makes even dull, dingy and tarnished surfaces look like new again.

To use Major Shine, simply start with a small dab on a clean cloth or terry cloth rag. Polish the surface in a circular motion until achieving the desired shine.

You may find that on certain metals with a noticeably grainy surface, Major Shine works best when applied along the direction of the grain. In either case be sure to wipe off any remaining excess amounts of Major Shine.

For metals that are severely tarnished, pitted and discolored, first prepare the surface by treating with Colonel Brassy hard surface cleaner. Wipe clean, then apply Major Shine as described above.

For highly oxidized plastics or fiberglass, clean with Colonel Brassy first, then apply a small amount of Major Shine in a circular motion to the surface.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...
"We use Colonel Brassy as a headlight cleaner, on rust and scratches...it's awesome on plastic…love how it worked on rust!"

Jo Koeyoe
Purrfect Auto
Las Vegas, NV

"General Clean-Up works great on windows and carpets. It saves us lots of time and money! Colonel Brassy works on all metals in our kitchen, looks great when finished. Both products save us time, not as much scrubbing!"

Richard ("Streak Free") Whitney
La Scala Italian Cuisine & Pizza
1101 Scott St.
San Diego, CA

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